Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
— Brené Brown

Dr. Asel's instruction is process focused.  Central to her teaching is the belief that each person can find his or her most natural, true voice by eliminating excess tension and ideas of mimicry while instituting proper concepts of breathing, vowels, and resonance.  It the job of any instructor to empower their students, teaching not just the foundation of singing, but also the strategy behind their success.  Dr. Asel's teaching method is based on vocal pedagogy research and scholarship, Alexander technique study and yogic philosophy.  As the student works to build a solid technique, dramatic and musical interpretation are central elements to developing the whole artist.

Whether it is the aspiration to pursue a musical theatre or operatic performing career, being a high school director in competitive choral program, singing with a jazz combo, teaching general music to kindergarten through fifth grade, or performing in community theatre;  Creating intelligent, well rounded, inspiring artists who have knowledge of their instrument and the desire to communicate their passion with others empowers any career or artistic aspiration.